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Mark Hancock

04 December 2023


Is there any better time of year than Christmas time in December?

It’s the time of year for mince pies, holly wreaths, gingerbread, neon lights, carol singing, and laughter all round. What’s your single favourite festivity?

Take a moment to think back to how special Christmas-time was when you were a child. The magic of waking up each morning knowing that the big day was getting closer and closer. No December morning was complete in the run up to Christmas without opening up a door on the advent calendar. It was a special way to start the day and a lot of fun.

They were intricately designed with a place for everything and everything was in its place. If your golf game is as tidy and organized as your advent calendar, you’ll be in the right mindset to shoot some low scores!

Not unlike an advent calendar, the pockets on our waterproof golf bags are specifically designed to house a unique bit of kit. Here’s a reminder why golf is best experienced with a dedicated golf bag!


Door No.1 - Balls


Your golf ball pocket may be the very first thing you reach for as you make your way onto the putting green ahead of the first tee. These handy pouches are roomy and are located near the bottom of your bag to keep the weight well-distributed. Whether you play with the exact same kind of ball each time you tee off or like to stock up on different branded balls, it’s always a great feeling rummaging around and finding the perfect ball to play with.


Door No.2 - Apparel


The biggest pockets on our waterproof golf bags are best dedicated to our bulkiest items, and as we all know, the weather is very changeable, and we’re often taking our jackets on and off. The apparel pouch often runs the length of your typical stand bag, and will be a focal point of roomy cart bags.

It’s often cold at this time of year so we usually head out wearing multiple layers. These roomy apparel pockets are perfect for storing jackets, bobble hats, mittens, and all the warming gear you need on those chilly rounds of golf.


Door No.3 - Valuables


One of your biggest fears when heading to the course may be losing track of your phone, car keys, and any other small pocketable valuable. There’s no need to panic as modern waterproof golf bags also have a dedicated section for keeping your precious items safe. These pockets are often lined with materials that feel wonderful to the touch like velour. You’ll have the peace-of-mind that your wallet will be safe until the 19th hole when you make use of these pockets.


Door No.4 - Water pouch


It may not necessarily be a sealed pocket depending on the bag you’re playing with, but the drinks holder is a dependable, reliable area that you’ll be making use of to keep yourself hydrated and in form as you make your way around the course.

Think for a second of the wonderful warm spring and summer months we have ahead of us next year. Many golf bags have a cooler pocket that’s well insulated to keep your drink cool. Everyone hates having a drink go warm on a hot summer’s day, but it will stay refreshingly-cold when stored in the cooler pocket.

The often-overlooked hero that’s always there when you need a pick-me-up, the beverage pouch is the pocket you reach for to keep you going on those turbulent rounds.


Door No.5 - Umbrella holder


If there’s one thing we depend upon throughout the winter, it’s that there’ll be plenty of rainfall. You can place the same unshakeable faith in your umbrella holder, your brolly will be securely in place during your time playing golf. Not unlike the beverage pouch, the umbrella holder is always at the ready, and your brolly is easy to detach so you can prepare yourself for when you feel those first few falling raindrops.


Sun Mountain waterproof golf bags


Sun Mountain has a fantastic range of golf bags, each with their own trusty, durable functionalities.

If you’re looking for a golf bag that will keep your belongings totally dry, the Eco-Lite EWP Cart Bag is the one for you. EWP stands for Enhanced Weather Protection, and this bag has certainly earned that name. The polyester material is water-resistant and remains effective in the face of strong winds.

The bag has 14-way full-length dividers that will give each of your clubs their own unique space and ensure they won’t rattle together as you move about. There are a whopping 11 pockets in total, including those that we’ve mentioned in our list above. It even comes with a dual-strap system to make attaching it to and removing it from your trolley a breeze.

If you’re looking for something a little nimbler, the H2NO Litespeed Stand Bag is both waterproof and incredibly light. The bag weighs just 2kg, and both the dual strap system and air flow hip bad feel great on your shoulders and back when you’re walking along. This handy bag has 6 dependable pockets so you’ll be able to hit the course with everything you need securely zipped away.

We hope you’re having a lovely December and are getting into the festive spirit. The big day is only a few weeks away after all! If you’re out on the course this winter or you’re in need of a new waterproof golf bag, we’d be happy to help you with any queries if you pop by the pro shop.

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